Transport of exceptional loads
with permit

Rely on our 50 years of experience.

Exceptional transports are special types of road haulage in which the gauge or mass limits laid down by law are exceeded, which is why they require a high degree of specialisation and knowledge of the subject: only in this way can road safety be guaranteed.

If you need to arrange exceptional transports, rely on F.lli Boscaro’s fifty years of experience. Based in Vigliano Biellese, in the province of Biella, we deal with exceptional transports and the handling of large machinery throughout Italy.

Trasporti F.lli Boscaro



F.lli Boscaro has crane trucks with various load capacities, semi-trailers, articulated lorries, trailers and low-slung semi-trailers with which it performs:

  • exceptional transport with technical escorts
  • standard transport
  • handling of machinery of all sizes and dimensions

We are committed to complying with all the procedures for obtaining the necessary authorisations to proceed: in this way the customer does not have to worry about bureaucracy and other responsibilities, and at the same time is guaranteed a complete service.

We have been operating for years in municipalities such as Varallo Sesia, Gattinara, Borgosesia, Ghemme, Vercelli, Santhià, and Ivrea, and we are also active in the provinces of Verbania, Novara, and Turin.



In addition to being active in the transport sector, we are also involved in handling, loading, unloading, industrial lifting and moving machinery of all sizes and dimensions.

We have established important partnerships over the years with many private, corporate and industrial companies in the area, always ensuring fast and safe interventions. Thanks to the high level of professionalism of its staff and its varied fleet of vehicles, the company can satisfy any of its customers’ specific needs, ensuring them the utmost care in handling and transporting .

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