Rental of electric and diesel
self-propelled cranes in Biella

Your reference point for self-propelled crane rental in Biella.

From our operational headquarters in Vigliano Biellese, in the province of Biella, we provide electric and diesel self-propelled cranes for rent, ideal vehicles for moving equipment and/or manufactured goods inside buildings or in confined spaces, with a lifting capacity of up to 28 tonnes.

For more information on the characteristics of the rented vehicles or to find out about the rental options and the costs of the service, please contact us now.

Load capacity 12,5 tons rotating

Galizia 1

These machines are designed to work outdoors in situations where a robust, powerful lift with a large reach is needed.

The horizontal reaches are impressive even when the basket is very high and distant obstacles can be reached.

  • Large horizontal reach
  • Reaching considerable heights
  • Speed of extension, rotation and movement
  • Wide basket
  • Excellent mobility on difficult terrain
  • Stability and comfort

Load capacity 18 tons

gru Galizia

F.lli Boscaro offers the rental of truck-mounted aerial platforms with an operator in Biella, reaching heights of up to 46 metres.

  • Site inspection
  • Ideal for climbing over obstacles at high altitudes and for short-term work
  • Maximum stability and safety
  • Operator with many years of experience and licence
  • Height up to 46 m
  • 30 m reach
  • Equipped with stabilisers with metal plates
  • Load capacity up to 300 kg
  • 360° continuous rotation

Load capacity 25 tons rotating


Truck-mounted machines are particularly suitable for short-term operations and can also work on sloping terrain because they are equipped with hydraulic stabilisers to level the machine.

  • Easy to operate
  • Available heights up to 22 m (B licence)
  • Load capacity up to 200 kg
  • 360° rotation
  • Rotating basket
  • Equipped with stabilisers with metal plates
  • Ideal for climbing over obstacles at high altitudes and for short-term work
  • Maximum stability and safety

Our diesel self-propelled cranes

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Load capacity 10 tons

07_Gru+semovente+10+tn+F.lli+Boscaro+Srl (1)

Load capacity 16 tons


Load capacity 28 tons


Vehicles for lifting

Vehicles for lifting

The vehicles offered for rent by F.lli Boscaro in Vigliano Biellese are all fitted with safe and efficient equipment: they are designed to work on fragile floors and are suitable for working in areas subject to special regulations for the use of equipment.

Each operation is tailored to the customer’s needs, and the variety of the fleet of vehicles allows even the most complex lifting and transport operations to be performed.
For these and other reasons, we are a point of reference in Biella and its province: contact us to find out about the medium/long-term rental options for self-propelled cranes and equipment for lifting personnel or material at heights.

Safety and efficiency for working at heights

Safety and efficiency for working at heights

Our fleet of machines consists of self-propelled cranes, crane trucks, aerial platforms and other equipment that allow all types of work, including work at heights, to be carried out safely and with extreme efficiency.

We collaborate on a daily basis with construction sites and other companies in Biella and its province that operate in the building, transport and industrial sectors, ensuring the rental of self-propelled cranes and other equipment capable of lifting even heavy weights.


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