Turnkey solutions for industrial machinery
relocation in Biella.

A comprehensive service for industrial relocations.

The removal of industrial machinery is a complex operation that requires experienced professionals and a perfect organisational system. F.lli Boscaro of Vigliano Biellese, in the province of Biella, is the right company to trust in this field, as it has specialised in industrial removals for years.

Choose services complete in every detail for the removal of your industrial machinery.

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Professionals in industrial handling

Professionals in industrial handling

F.lli Boscaro is a point of reference in Biella and surroundings for the removal of industrial machinery, because it provides you with excellent services provided by up-to-date professionals with diverse skills.

Our team is made up of different professionals who, using innovative equipment, manage to move the machinery to the new location and get it up and running again in the shortest possible time.
The company offers tailor-made, turnkey industrial machinery moving services, ensuring that the move is carried out within the budget and timeframe agreed at the time of the quote.

Moving service details

Moving service details

By choosing to rely on F.lli Boscaro, you will be assisted by professionals in the sector who will plan the move down to the smallest detail, minimising disruption to your business.

Our industrial removal service consists of the following stages:

  • dismantling, moving and installing machinery
  • installation of new equipment
  • installation of complete production lines
  • dismantling and installation of machinery and secondary equipment
  • relocation of machinery within the company
  • transport and storage
traslochi Boscaro

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