Self-propelled tracked “spider” type

Revolving lift with reduced encumbrances with tracks and telescopic articulated arm.
The spiders are working well to what concern encumbrances and low weighs. They have tracks and four independent hydraulic stabilizers, they are able to reach inaccessible places where other platforms can’t be used, and they can be placed with success in all kind of ground. The arm is featured from a mix of articulation and telescopic extension which permits a remarkable working area.
  • Light weigh
  • perfect movement and stabilisation on a difficult surface
  • a minimum encumbrance
  • access in narrow entrances
  • double motorisation: diesel and electric
Tracked “spider” platform 14 m high

Tracked “spider” platform 16 m high
Tracked “spider” platform 17 m high
Tracked “spider” platform 23 m high
Tracked “spider” platform 30 m high