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With this  document, in accordance with art. 13 and 122 of law 196/2003 (“privacy code”), as well as on the basis of general provider’s privacy policy of  8th May 2014, F.lli Boscaro s.r.l.  the owner, give the users of this site some information about the cookies used.

What are cookies:
Cookies are small information files which the server sends to the user’s computer.  They can be saved on your computer an used in order to improve and personalize when surfing, but also to provide relevant information when visiting the site in the future.
The cookies don’t give an immediate information, but they allow the user to associate with their personal information (as for example, what he has been interested in when surfed). They have been taken directly and automatically from the web site as a part of its own  service ability and they are treated in an anonymous form for commercial purposes.

Kind of cookies used on this site

The owner’s cookies
The site use technical cookies for which, according to law art. 122 of privacy code and  as well as on the basis of general provider’s privacy policy of  8th May 2014, no acceptance is requested by the user.
In other words, the site uses numeric cookies, made by an id which identify the user and gives a key which confirm that  the user  belongs to our database. The cookie doesn’t expire, therefore it can be manually or automatically cancelled by the user depending on how the browser is set. Without these cookies the website wouldn’t work correctly.
The site uses a further technical cookie which facilitates the users when surfing recognizing him and avoiding having information about cookies reappearing when surfing on the site within the deadline. It’s activated by clicking “ok” on the banner.

Third part cookies
The site use third part technical cookies and profiles too, which start when clicking “ok” on the banner . These kind of cookies are used in certain circumstances on specific sites and not in a systematic way in order to integrate third part in the site, (for example, comments forms or social network  icons which permit the user to share the site’s  information). This kind of cookies can be sent from partner’s sites and they offer the various functions available on the site too.
In  order to improve our offers, we sometimes put photos, videos and other things, which come from other social networks, such as Youtube , Facebook, Google and Twitter. These pages might contain cookies from the above mentioned sites, as well as when somebody click “Like” or “follow” on our site , this might cause cookies. Using other social networks, such as for example Pinterest, which isn’t able to control the cookies F.lli Boscaro s.r.l. isn’t able to control cookies from other sites and it’s not possible for us to block cookies from these websites. For further information concerning the cookies, pls. do check the websites yourselves.
Pls. do note below the list of cookies and links towards which you can obtain further information and ask for deactivation of the cookies.

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Cancelation of cookies
The internet browsers usually accept cookies automatically, but, if wanted, it’s always possible to cancel them through the browser function, how you have to do it, depends on the browser, so we suggest you to check your handbook or the help information given on your computer.

Treatment procedure
It’s done automatically by the owner, no diffusion or communication will be done.

Distribution of dates
Except for the technical cookies which are necessary in order to navigate, the distribution of the dates depends only on the user who decides to navigate on the site, after having read the banner about  cookies.
The user can, if wanted, avoid to install the cookies, pressing the bottom “ok” or directly through the browser.
Disabling the cookies
The user can handle the cookies directly from his own browser and avoid, for example, that a third part can install them. Though the browser it’s furthermore possible to eliminate cookies which have been installed in the past including those which have already been accepted. Please note, that disabling all the cookies, might compromise this site.  
Each browser has different drill in order to manage the setting. The user can get information through the below written links.

How to disabling cookies through the browser’s configuration

How to disabling third part cookies