• Camion
    Lifting heavy weights is a dayly issue for us
  • Gru
    We have means of transport
    which are able to work everywhere
  • Ponte
    The technology is fundamental in order to garanty safety
  • Rimor
    We move, lift and transport with extreemy accuracy
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Motrice man 4 assi con gru

Il mezzo ideale per la movimentazione, anche in spazi ristretti!

Cassone allungabile: 5/6 mt
Portata utile cassone: 90 q.li
Portata gru: 200 q.li fino a 4 mt
Ultimi due sfili indipendenti con pistoni idraulici all'interno

Opzione: la gru funziona anche in modalità elettrica



chi siamoWelcome!
F.lli Boscaro s.r.l.: we have been on the market for 40 years, from the very start specialized with crane transportation, at the present time we are a rental company too,  with cranes, aerial platforms with or without operator, we do the moving for civil as well as industrial transfers, exceptional transports and environmental services.
The main feature which distinguish us is surely the reliability and the professionalism doing the work and services which we have been required to do. Furthermore due to our long experience we are able to offer an ever more efficient service to our customers also to what concerns laws and regulations.
We are offering you a fleet of modern and flexible transport’s means among  which you’ll be able to find the one which fits your requirement best.
We have a range of telescopic cranes which can lift up to 70 Tons and go up to a height of 50 m., electric and diesel  forklifts,  electric and diesel mobile cranes meant for moving of stuff in small and narrow spaces, trucks and articulated trucks with cranes able to lift up to 25 tons meant for lifting and moving different weights of loads, van aerial platforms of different types and sizes (from 6 m to 50 m and arms up to 30 m). To what concerns logistic, we offer a wide range of services, such as storing facilities, packaging of goods of all kinds of sizes and weighs,  environmental and composting services as well.

We are pleased to work with the following companies...
A. Raymond Italiana s.r.l, Vercelli (VC) | Birra Menabrea, Biella (BI) | Bon Prix, Biella | Chiorino Spa, Biella (BI) | Dolce & Gabbana, Legnano (MI) | Flainox s.r.l.-macchine Tessili, Quaregna (BI) | F.lli Piacenza, Pollone (BI) | Fonderie Zerbetto s.r.l., Lessona (BI) | Galizi impianti s.r.l., Pray (BI) | Ilario Ormezzano Sai Spa, Gaglianico (BI) | Incas, Vigliano Biellese (BI) | Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Biella (BI) | Lanificio Luigi Colombo spa, Borgosesia (VC) | Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna & Figlia spa, Trivero (BI) | Loro Piana spa, Borgosesia (VC); Lauretana spa, Graglia (BI) | Marzotto spa, Milano (MI) | Nuova Roj Electrotex s.r.l., Biella (BI) | Sasil spa, Brusnengo (BI) | Successori Reda spa, Valle Mosso (BI) | Union Spa, Masserano (BI) | Vitale Barberis Canonico, Trivero (BI)